Popular Zimbabwean Musician, Obey Makamure (Tocky Vibes), says he will be releasing a new song every year, on his birthday, 29 November.

In a video on social media, the musician said he has released single hits called long live charmer because that has become his theme.

“Every gore ndofanira ku celebrater birthday zvinechidovi. Long live charmer every year chero ndika releaser something muna October, November ndinobudisa something futhi”, said Toki.

The artist further added that the project is packaged with a lot of surprises and people should keep on expecting them.

“Saka yakazara  nema surprises but zivai kuti every November and munhu wese anofanira kutamba masong aya, I Christmas box iyo”, added Toki.

Toki vibes recently released a single last week on his birthday.

He is an award winning dance hall musician and song writer who has released multiple singles.