Nyanga Girl Runs Away To SA, Lured By Human Traffickers

“Chokwadi  Human trafficking is real,” says Tafadzwa Jinga whose daughter Lucy became a victim of Human trafficking.

The Nyanga based Lucy Jinga became a victim of trafficking after she was told there was a job for her in South Africa.

Tafadzwa narrates how she looked for her daughter for 5 consecutive days who was no where to be found.

It took a lie about her mother being sick for  Lucy to respond to her mother’s calls and she revealed that she was at the Beitbridge border going to South Africa.

Lucy says a friend told her about a waitress job at the South Africa Airways.

Her friend told her she had connections there and she was communicating with people working there,” she said.

Lucy says her friend Nicole took her phone and blocked her family from accessing her on the phone.

“Pandakaoba Nicole achi blocker mama wangu nababa wangu ndakangofunga kuti ah kana tasvika ikoko , ndaifunga kuti zvirisafe, ndichazova unblock and tell them where i am,” she added.

She further added that on the way to the border, she lacked nothing. She got everything she wanted.

But things took a turn when they arrived at the border. Nicole told Lucy that she won’t be proceeding with her to South Africa because she doesn’t have a passport.

“Ndakazotanga kuregreter about what she had told me. Kuti ndidzoke kumba, I didn’t have the money”, she added.

Furthermore it seems luck was on Lucy’s said. By the time Lucy reached the border her mother had made contact with the police at border to stop the bus she was riding.

The bus was stopped and Lucy and her friend were taken to the police station where her mother came all the way from Nyanga to Beitbridge to collect her daughter.

Lucy says ever since that day she has not communicated with Nicole.