The MDC Alliance, led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, through its National Standing Committee resolved and moved that Tendai Masotsha, it’s Bulawayo’s women’s provincial chairperson be expelled by the party.

This, however, follows after Masotsha was cleared of having a hand  in the abduction of a journalism student, Tawanda Muchehiwa, just before the July 31 protest and without any evidence to support that she was an informer for the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) neither had she collaborated with state agents for that abduction.

The standing committee is basing it’s decision on the audio went viral on social media a few days ago.

In the audio, Masotsha claimed Muchehiwa had plans to bomb government buildings during the July 31 protest and threatened to expose more.

Part of MDC Alliance’s communique that was released soon after their meeting distanced the Party from Masotsha’s claims:

“The MDC Alliance unequivocally dissociates itself with the utterances expressed by Tendai Masotsha in an audio recording which was circulated publicly on or about November 24, 2020 post our internal inquiry. The said utterances run contrary to the values, beliefs, principles and disposition of the party. As a matter of record , the alleged conversation with Hon Jameson Timba never took place…

“…Masotsha be expelled from the MDC Alliance in accordance with the provisions of the party Constitution on the grounds that her conduct violates the values that govern the party and her continued membership would be detrimental to the MDC Alliance,” read the statement issued by National Spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere.

Masotsha claims her life and that of her family is in danger.

In a public statement she issued soon after her audio went viral, the embattled former women’s provincial chairperson said she would be taking a break from active politics:

“It has been increasingly clear to me that my case has become a distraction to the real challenges that my party, the MDC Alliance ,have to confront in it’s political struggles against Zanu PF on behalf of the long suffering people of Zimbabwe. It is critically important that I immediately stand aside from active politics so as to allow the party to focus on its core business of opposing Zanu PF and mobilising the people against a system that has caused them immeasurable suffering,” she said.