In a shocking public display of the fights within the MDC-T,  Secretary General,  Douglas Mwonzora has claimed that Acting President,  Thokozani Khupe, is trying to avoid the extraordinary congress.

Writing on his Facebook Page,  Dougie For MDC-T President,  Mwonzora said.

Good Morning.

There are concerted efforts by our opponents to force people to back their candidates and avoid the democratic process of nominations. Den Moyo, who is Chairman of the USA Province, has been pushing that the NSC endorses Dr. Khupe as president without the need to go to congress.

Our position is that the people should decide through a democratic process.

We are happy that police in Bulawayo have given a go ahead to our nominations on Sunday. We will descend onto Bulawayo and seek the mandate of the people. We shall keep focused. We know the type of leader that this party needs at this point in time. We offer that leadership.

Most of our opponents have absolutely nothing to offer and have resorted to attacking our professions. They have attacked our great fighting abilities by denigrating us as faction leaders. We are proud of the manner in which we have carried this fight.

We will not relent.
Together we will win.

Victory is Certain.

Last week,  MDC-T Spokesman,  Khaliphani Phugeni,  told Gambakwe media that it is not possible to hold the congress because of COVID-19 restrictions.

However,  Mwonzora,  addressing his own press conference during the week said the extraordinary congress will go ahead  as planned.

It is clear that the relationship between Mwonzora and Khuphe has broken down and the two can no longer work together effectively towards the extra-ordinary congress.

Mwonzora and Khuphe are failing to agree on major issues and it is unlikely that the two can work together well after the extraordinary congress if Mwonzora was to win.

Khuphe and Mwoznora are repeating the same mistake that the Supreme court ruling was trying to address, namely, lack of a transparent extra-ordinary congress.

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