Makanaka Maseyamwa met up with Mr Nicodemous Kuipa on the Bussiness Brief to discuss a range of issues on what the public needs to know when buying property,how to become an estate agent and why estate agents are blacklisted.

On what the public needs to know when buying property Mr Kuipa said that the estate agents who are bogus might use the money for personal issues,sell property to more than one buyer,sell your property unwillingly or sell non existent property.

On how to become an estate agent,Mr Kuipa said that one has to write exams set up by the EACZ which are written two times a year. A minimum of 3 years working experience with a registered estate agent is also required to get registered as an estate agent.

Asked why agents get blacklisted,he commented that the agent might not be registered and not be in possession of the Compensation fund certificate.

The public is urged to be sure that they are getting property from a bonfide agent and should verify with the Survey General and the Estate Agency offices before rushing to buy property.

Estate Agency Council of Zimbabwe(EACZ) regulates the property sector in terms of the Estate Agency to weed out unscrupulous players and at the same time protecting the public when they want to sell or manage their property.