Simasimpe Reeds Tshuma from Ward 11 Victoria Falls was arrested yesterday after 2000 Dete Villagers lined up to sign a UN petition calling for intervention in Zimbabwe.

Unverified reports say the MDC Councillor for the area, Stanely Torima of Ward 18, was present when police took Tshuma away.

Tshuma was detained at Dete Police Station who later transferred him to Hwange Police Law and Order Section. It is said he was specifically handed over to Police Officer Mzizi.

Tshuma was accused of moving around Ward 18 in Dete Ward asking residence to sign a ZPPM Petition to United Nations. Police accused him of gathering Villagers without making prior arrangements with the local councillor and without providing food and PPEs for the villagers.

It is not known what Tshuma is being held for since it is not an offence to ask people to sign a petition.

It is also not clear where he is being held now.

The Zimbabwe People Power Movement has appealed to the lawyers for Human rights to assist Tshuma with legal representation.