Bill Gates has slammed the Trump administration for failing to provide billions in funding for coronavirus vaccines for developing and poor countries.

Gates said other rich countries have stepped up but the US has been absent which showed a vacuum of leadership.

Gates said he approached the US government and they have not provided even the $4 Billion that was initially planned .

Gates said he was looking for a supplementary bill but its looking more like that is also not going to happen.

Gates said providing the funds is a case of  the Billion that the US needs to spend to save the trillions that are being lost in the pandemic.

Gates said if the US does not step up with money fast enough, there were be dire consequences.

He said the loss of education and the stress are some of the health consequences, but the world economy will suffer the more than 10 trillion because of the pandemic.

Gates said every month that is saved by bringing the pandemic to an end will get the world back where it was sooner.

Gates said vaccines for poor countries is critical for the pandemic to end.