Ideal Zimbabwe leader Tinashe Jonasi says Zimbabweans do not think independently, they either think the ZANU PF or MDC way.

In an interview with Galaxy Universal Network, Jonas said the country is polarised into two school of thoughts the MDC A thinking and the ZANU PF thinking thus there is need to bring in a third school of thought representing the people.

He said, the problem in Zimbabwe is not about resources or corruption it is about the mindset, Citizens are not thinking independently.

Jonas said people are crying for the removal of the ruling party however removing ZANU PF is not the solution the only strategy is a revolution that will change lives, improve the economy and unify Zimbabwe as a whole.

Jonas said its not only ZANU PF that is corrupt but everyone in the country including the churches are corrupt thus removing the ruling party is not an option.

He said the opposition is good at getting funding to organise demonstrations however leaders like Nelson Chamisa have never been in the forefront leading hence only the public gets to feel the brutality of state security forces.

Jonas added that Chamisa’s revolution is not for the betterment of Zimbabweans but his fight is to be the President of the country thus he is surviving a personal agenda instead of a national agenda

Jonas said the only solution left is for leaders to engage one another for a way forward as a nation.

Jonas condemned MDC for seeking help from the United States he said Zimbabwean fights should be solved internally without the third party coming in.

Tinashe said he has conceded to the fact that Emmerson Mnangagwa cannot be removed from power thus protest and hashtags that ED must go are useless.

He said people can only move forward and improve Zimbabwe if they engage each other for the unity of purpose