Terence Simbi, author of the book: Zimbabwe, Installing a Democratic State, says the Zimbabwe military could be join the demonstration set for 31 July depending on the factional interests at play.

Simbi said this has happened before during the November 2017 demonstration where soldiers went into the streets in support of Mnangagwa.

Simbi said in this case, there could be a factional interests at place, where Mnangagwa could be removed with the powerful faction taking over afterwards.

Simbi said Zimbabweans do not really know the sides that are behind the demonstrations. Simbi said in Zimbabwean politics, there is a deep state that is benefiting from the factional politics.

Simbi said there are business people who are behind the factions and who will never be seen at the scene of demonstrations but they are operating behind the politicians.

Simbi said people like Tsenengamu were dismissed from Zimbabwe after questioning certain business interests. Simbi said the recall is being used to suppress those who could question ceratin corrupt practices.

Simbi said the factional fights within ZANU-PF are still alive because young people are being suppressed. However, the factions are under the control of the business people.