President Emmerson Mnangagwa co-advisor, Shingi Munyeza has, described the transition from the late former President Robert Mugabe to Emmerson Mnangagwa as a great error which did not please God.

Munyeza said when people had the opportunity in 2017 to reboot and rebuild Zimbabwe’s value system through a new leader they placed the wrong person into power thus the country has failed to unite since then.

Teaching during his online Sunday service, Munyeza said when David took over from Saul he did not celebrate the death of Saul but he mourned and sought God to direct him in his next step.

Mugabe was removed because people thought he was evil however they reinstated a new president with values similar to those of his predecessor.

The pastor said Zimbabwe is still divided there is no common goal among the country men thus the leaders celebrate when there is chaos and loss of life.

Munyeza said Mnangagwa lacks the Davidic anointing which possesses that which is blessed of God.

Munyeza said it will be difficult to move Zimbabwe from the goat country to a sheep country because there will be conflict which will intensify due to factions and polarisation.