Lovemore Fuyane has revealed that a sovereign fund for Matabeleland is now in being set up.

Fuyane was speaking exclusively to Gambakwe Media on his weekly program discussing a seperate Matabeleland State.

Fuyane said the biggest problem in Matabeleland is that there is no framework for engagement. This has resulted in multiple groups with competing interests in the region.

Fuyane revealed that he has been working with a few partners in developing a blueprint for a seperate Matabeleland State which will include addressing about 25 requirements and objectives.

Fuyane said an all stakeholder conference dubbed Phuteko will take place later this year and this will set the foundation for future engagement.

On leadership, Fuyane said leaders will emerge in the region, the same way Chief Ndiweni arose and became a national leader.

However, Fuyane emphasized that the idea of a seperate state is not the same as a tribal state, but one that has all 16 tribes that currently live in the Matabeleland.

Please watch the video to view the full discussion.