Popular Zimbabwean Sungura dancer and musician Franco Slomo says that he will never go back to join Alick Macheso and Ochestra Mberikwazvo band normatter how much struggles he goes through.

Franco Slomo said that he left Alick Macheso to grow his own brand as an artist and a dancer and denied ever being in a relationship with Alick Macheso’s daughter.

He says that he told Macheso that he wanted to build his own brand and Macheso was okay with it so he went and joined Sulumani Chimbetu.

Franco said when he joined Sulumani Chimbetu he was given a Mercedes Benz Vehicle as part of his joining package however the car was later taken back by Sulumani after Franco decided to leave.

Franco Slomo admitted that he has been going through financial difficulties and said that even Macheso had to go through the same on his road to success, so he will do the same until he makes it as an artist.