MDC-T President, Thokozani Khupe was yesterday humiliated and barred from attending Chamisa’s mother ‘s funeral by rowdy MDC Alliance youths who did not allow her to enter the homestead in Gutu.

Khuphe, who drove almost 500km to Gutu, had to leave after waiting at the gate for more than 30 minutes. She then drove back to Harare without paying her condolences.

Another prominent lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku was able to attend the funeral, however, he was also humiliated during the course of the funeral. Madhuku, who was called onto the stage by Chamisa, was shouted down by the youths who wanted him to call Chamisa President.

Please watch the attached clip.

Khaliphani Phugeni, Acting MDC-T Spokesman, told Zimeye that Dr Khuphe left the funeral that because she did not want the focus attention at the funeral to her.


There is a general disoder and Intolerance within the MDC Youths. This behavior is going to make it difficult for Chamisa to become President.

If Chamisa does get into the Zimbabwe Presidency, some of the people closest to Chamisa could potentially become a problem when they take control of state security institutions.