A Harare Aircraft engineer, Prince Medzai, is now living on the streets in the avenues area of Harare and blames the loss of his job at Air Zimbabwe for his current situation.

Harare traditional healer, Sekuru Banda is now assisting him with a residential stand and is building him a house.

Prince explained that after his A’Levels, he worked at OK Zimbabwe and TM Supermarkets after which he received training for four years in Aircraft Engineering at Air Zimbabwe. Prince was employed at Air Zimbabwe from 2006.

Prince was a sheetmetal worker at Air Zimbabwe and was being paid in foreign currency. In 2009, government of Zimbabwe stopped funding to parastatals and Air Zimbabwe started paying workers in local currency.

After being retrenched, he said he started by downsizing by moving to Chitungwiza from St Martins. Prince sold his car.

With the assistance of lawyers, Prince bought a van that he was using as a taxi after getting another payout from Air Zimbabwe.

Prince is now living in the kombi after it broke down and says life has became very difficult for him. Prince has lived in various spots in Harare and says he is now in this new spot as it is near the hospital and he has started a small garden.

Prince says he is living in destitution Prince as friends and relatives have abandoned him and is grateful for the assistance with a residential stand from Sekuru Banda.