Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo.

Jason Moyo’s death is amongst the most bizarre and unexplained deaths after it was said that he was killed by a parcel bomb however Zambian politician Kenneth Kaunda said he knew the real truth but could not disclose saying it would split the party.

Moven Mahachi.

Moven Mahachi who died in a car accident was the minister of Defence at the time of his death in 2001 at the Nyanga- Mutare Highway after attending a ZANU PF meeting and Enos Nkala revealed that his death was an assassination after he went against ZANU PF looting Diamonds from DRC.

Herbert Chitepo.

Hebert died in March 1974 in a car bomb in Lusaka however the investigation of his death was inconclusive with Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda alleging that he was assassinated because of political agendas.

Paul Gunda.

Paul Gunda a Zimbabwean politician allegedly died in a car collision in 2007 with a train along Marondera- Harare Highway and it was said that he had been part of a failed plot to overthrow Mugabe and his wife also said her husband died under suspicious circumstances.

Josiah Tongogara.

Josiah Tongogara died in a Car accident in Mozambique on his way back to Zimbabwe after the Lancaster house agreement and he was well known for clashing with Mugabe in including Nkomo in a GNU.

After his death, his wife demanded to be taken to the scene of the accident and said that she was not happy about how his death was carried out because the undertaker revealed a statement saying his wounds were in sync with the accident however his autopsy results were not published.

Solomon Mujuru.

Retired Army Commander, Solomon Mujuru who was part of Mugabe’s guerilla fighters allegedly died when his house caught fire at his farm in Betreace however strong allegations come out that he was man handled and efforts of re examining his body were turned down by the government.