Dr Ian Ndlovu has this evening told his Congregation not to. Respond or circulate Nathan Humbryd ‘s videos ad they are a distraction and Un Christ like.

This follows the attack on Dr Ndlovu by Ian Ndlovu for attending last week’s National Day Of Prayer that was organised by ED Mnangagwa.

Humbryd responded by attacking Ndlovu whom he said has been bought by Mnangagwa.

Humbryd said Ian Ndlovu has sold his soul by praying for ED Mnangagwa to be forgiven without asking him to fully confess his sins.

Humbryd, An American Prophet, then released a list of prophets that includes Ian Ndlovu, that he said will be punished by God through Accidents, illnesses and worse that will afflict their children.

Ndlovu, speaking to his congregation, said a curse can not come out of the same mouth that offers a blessing and asked his congregation not to comment when they see videos attacking him online.