Mudzuri Slams Chamisa, Mwonzora, Khuphe As He Kicks Off Presidential Campaign

Nelson Chamisa Does not Consult and is operating like ZANU-PF

MDC-T Acting Vice Chairman Elias Mudzuri has came out guns blazing as he kicked off his presidential campaign for the MDC-T President that will be held on the 31st of July.

The Harvard educated Mudzuri and former Harare Mayor first laid bare the weaknesses of his opponents before presenting his own credentials during a Sly Media Interview in Harare today.

Mudzuri said he is ready to lead and has the neccessary leadership credentials and maturity, unlike the other contentors.

On Chamisa, Mudzuri said:

  • Chamisa is scared of the elections because support in the structures is not like support in national elections. Everyone has their own supporters inside the party.
  • Chamisa does not take  consult, he is a demagogue.
  • Chamisa pretends to be a Pastor but his actions show otherwise
  • Chamisa does not follow the party constitution and is worse than ZANU-PF.
  • Chamisa does not take advise and operates using violence.
  • In Gweru, Mudzuri said he talked to Chamisa ion Biti’s car and advised him to stop rigging elections but he was ignored. He subsequently left and did not participate in the Gweru congress.
  • When the Supreme court ruling came out, Mudzuri says he called all leaders including Chamisa to meet and discuss the ruling, but Chamisa ignored him and instead hardened his position.

On Khuphe

– Mudzuri says Khuphe lacks capacity

– Mudzuri said Tsvangirai confided in him that Khupe would be more suited for admin tasks

On Mwonzora, Mudzuri said

– Mudzuri said Mwonzora lacks negotiating skills and is too focused on legal correctness

– Mudzuri cited the case of the recalls where he said Mwonzora recalled people without following due process and discussions even though he was legally correct.


– Mudzuri said Tsvngirai told him that he should lead the party because he is a unifier and is level headed, unlike Chamisa and Khuphe who are  and have always been factionalists.

– Mudzuri pointed to his work as the Mayor of Harare where he did so well that ZANU-PF had to fire him

– Mudzuri said he has the necessary governance, track record and social credentials to lead.

– Mudzuri said his home in Zaka was attacked by Mugabe soldiers at the height of the 2008 elections that he organised and won for Morgan Tsvangirai.

Can Mudzuri be a good President?

Mudzuri is a war veteran, former mayor, Tsvangirai confident and a father figure. He is well known across the country especially Harare where he was mayor.


  • Age is against him
  • He has an agreeable character that many youths find lethagic and uninspiring
  • He tends to talk above his audience who want to hear more sloganeering and


In an open, free and fair election of the MDC – Mudzuri would beat Khupe, but would lose to Mwonzora and Chamisa.