NEW TWIST: Adv Thabani Mpofu Case Sucks in Prophet Advocate Joshua

Advocate Thabani Mpofu ‘s obstruction of Justice case has taken a new twist after popular Harare Prophet Advocate Joshua was added to the list of people that need to be arrested.

This is a alarming turn to the case as this shows that powerful politicians are trying to prevent the pending constitutional court judgement from seeing the light of day.

It has emerged that Prophet Advocate Joshua Chirambwe is the person. Who filed a constitutional court case seeking the annulment of the appointment of the prosecutor General.

Here are the key points:

1. Prophet Advocate Joshua is being implicated in Thabani Mpofu’s case.

2. Allegations are that prophet connived with Thabani Mpofu’s, Chamisa’s lawyer and the firm 242 says he is yet to be arrested with another person called Lawman Chimuriwo.

3. This happened after Prophet sued the President and 3 other respondents claiming that the prosecutor general’s appointment had not been done constitutionally.

4. The constitutional court has not yet delivered judgment in that application but already the prophet is now an accused person

5. While ProphetAAdvocate Joshua has not yet been arrested,Gambakwe Media has seen the FORM 242  which says he is to be arrested

6. Speculation is that the prophet’s rise and influence might have ruffled feathers of big individuals

7. The other speculation is that the issue is not about the prophet but it is about destabilising Chamisa by destroying Advocate Mpofu’s name and standing in Zimbabwe


If Prophet Advocate Joshua is arrested, it means the case is likely to be dismissed and a ruling can be avoided.

Powerful figures are reportedly engaged in a vicious fight on different sides of the case.