Former Army Captain and Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader, Albert Matapo, says it is impossible for the Joint operations command (JOC) to remove Mnangagwa.

Matapo says the only people who can remove Mnangagwa are people from outside JOC. He says his group, the Zimbabwe People Power Movement, will remove Mnangagwa. 

He says JOC is made up of Generals from the army, air force, Prisons and CIO, and the Presidium, and serves at the pleasure of Mnangagwa. However, if they try to betray him, he will deal with them ruthlessly.

On why Chiwenga has taken on more responsibilities in the Zimbabwe government, Matapo says this is because Mnangagwa trusts him.

Matapo says in the case of Mugabe, the situation was different. Mnangagwa was able to use the military to remove Mugabe because he had placed his people in key positions.