This week I am looking at the latest alarming report by Spotlight Zimbabwe regarding the imminent removal of ED Mnangagwa by the Zimbabwe Military. It appears from these reports that Mnangagwa is now a hostage president under the control of Chiwenga and the Zimbabwe Military Generals.

I want to look at two specific articles: one on the 13th of April by Mary-Kate Kahari and another by Itai Mushekwe, Nancy Mabaya and Mary-Kate Kahari on the 10th of April.

In the latest post, on the 13th, Spotlight Zimbabwe revealed that Perence Shiri is now set to become Zimbabwe’s first vice president to General Constantino Chiwenga after Mnangagwa’s imminent departure. The second VP post will be taken up by either SK Moyo, SB Moyo or Valerio Sibanda.

On the 4th of April, Spotlight Zimbabwe reported that Chiwenga is now in charge of running the state while Mnangagwa has been reduced to a figurehead role.

The online newspaper reported that:
– Mnangagwa is no longer attending JOC meetings and his role is now similar to that of Morgan Tsvangirai during the GNU. He now receives security briefings from Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, who is a member of Joc. However, Oppah Muchinguri is not privy to all the operations of JOC.
– The Military is now using sophisticated encrypted communications technology acquired from China to bypass other state security organs that are perceived to be under the control of Mnangagwa.
– The military has taken over the airwaves and Civilian radar at all airports after China installed equipment worth $22 Million.
– Mnangagwa had to wait for Chiwenga before making the announcement on the 21 day lock-down.

Lets look at previous reports on JOC

September 2019 – Spotlight Zimbabwe reports that Chiwenga plans to take over using JOC. At that time, Mnangagwa was said to have been working against the land reform program. Mnangagwa’s expected resignation date at that time was supposed to be August 2020.

November 2019 – Spotlight Zimbabwe reported that JOC now operates a national command center at the defence university, from which Chiwenga is running the state.

In Conclusion

– It is clear that China has a better relationship with General Chiwenga than ED Mnangagwa
– Reports of new technology coming in from China are consistent
– The Chinese have an interest in keeping a tight grip on Zimbabwe after the Mnangagwa Presidency
– Chiwenga is now in charge of Command Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Taskforce

It is however not possible in my opinion for Chiwenga to directly kick out Mnangagwa as the move will be me with swift action from SADC, AU and countries like Tanzania.