Tanya Masiyiwa a philanthropist, entrepreneur and daughter to billionaire Strive Masiyiwa says their companies are now providing refuse collection around Harare.

Tanya said they devised a Clean city mobile app for customers and corporates who require to have waste in their homes or offices desposed at the touch of the mobile button.

She said Clean city has been collecting refuse around the city of Harare from about 280 000 house holds, the company has decommissioned more than 700 waste dump sites.

Tanya said the local municipality has been failing to deliver these services and creating employment oppoetunities.

Furthermore, with the Covid-19 pandemic, Tanya said the Vaya Africa has been creating a platform that helps transport things in a digital way.

Vaya logistics integrated with pharmacies, restaurants and fast foods has been providing deliveries of food supplies, medicine, goods, services and Personal protective equipment.

Tanya said she has always focused on identifying complex challenges affecting communities, design a project to address the problem in a sustainable way.

Steps to being an entrepreneur from Tanya include:

  • Hard work with a lot of sleepless nights
  • Use of all resources at your disposal which include time passion and compassion.
  • Be the best in delivering and celebrate the small wins.