There is a massive uproar in Musina, South Africa over the quality of the Beitbridge border fence. The local business community claims that the fence is not fit for purpose and is being breached regularly.

Erection of the project will be completed within the next 3 days.

A local businessman, Salani Joseph Mwanza from the Musina Developmet committe , said the local business community feels overlooked for the project.

He said the local community was supposed to benefit from 30% of the project but all they see is “white businessman”with their Bakkies going up and down.

Mwanza says the fence is being vandalized because of its poor quality.

Public Works Minister, Patricia De Lille, said the R35 Million Price Tag of the fence is justified as workmen are operating in a remote area and not in city environments.

There has been complains that the fence is costing almost R1 Million per kilometre which many South Africans feel is exorbitant.