MDC President Thokozani khupe is a former deputy Prime Minister and and her security is  very strong.

This was said by Khaliphani Phugeni, her spokesman.

Phugeni was dismissing a message that was  circulating on social media that alleged that Police Protection Unit (PPU) has provided Dr Khupe with new security, including  at her home.

On the position of leader of the opposition, Phugeni said Dr Khuphe was already leader of the opposition.

On POLAD, Phugeni said POLAD is a gathering of Presidential candidates and this will be discussed within the party.

He said both Chamisa and Dr Khuphe were in the Presidential elections, and the invitations were to all 2018 Presidential elections.

However, Phugeni said he had not canvassed the issue or POLAD with Dr Khupe on how she will proceed with