A Zimbabwean man who threatened to assassinate President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the video is fake, he pledges his loyalty to ZANU PF.

In the new video circulating on internet, he claims the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance members who want to create tension between him and Ed Mnangagwa hacked his account and created the video.

The man added that people from the MDC party are afraid he will bring them down because he has what it takes to do so hence they want to damage his image.

In the video that went viral on the 4th of April the man, holding two guns said he is a highly trained man, threatened to assassinate Mnangagwa for failure to rule the country.

The man said he will never do such a video because ZANU PF  is his political heritage.

He added that the only thing he has to do is to take out the virus in Zimbabwe which is MDC under Nelson Chamisa.