Prophet Uebert Angel leader and founder of the Spirit Embassy revealed that it is Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s time to shine.

During an interview on Wednesday, Angel said it is the fellow man of God’s moment to shine.

‌“We’re talking together here and prophet Makandiwa is busy ministering somewhere. But you see the point here is we’re not showing him this DVD, but to understand one thing, there’s one thing that God told me. He says this moment I have raised these generals into place but it is a moment of Prophet Makandiwa”.

This comes after Prophet ‌Makandiwa warned people not question the authenticity of his prophecies, claiming he is the only prophet who foresaw the poisoning of ED Mnangagwa in 2017and pleaded with God through prayer to save him.

The prophet also gave the coronavirus prophecy back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 during his church sermons which have come to pass, however he has been met with backlash as the likes of Prophet Chiwenga who claims he is the only true prophet dismissed the coronavirus prophecy as false.

Angel said God has raised generals into place but it is Makandiwa’s time to shine.