In this amazing interview by CNBC Africa, an Angry Frank Buyanga speaks openly about his life.

When questioned about an international warrant of arrest issued against him, Buyanga blew up and said Interpol officers are just people like everyone. He said there are a lot of underhand things happening at Interpol which need changing.

Turning to Zimbabwe, Buyanga said the only credible institution in Zimbabwe is the Military.

Zimbabwe’s youngest Millionaire, Frank Buyanga was talking to CNBC Africa’s Aviwe Mtila.

Buyanga said he has over 400 properties all over the world and can not count the number of businesses he has in South Africa and in other countries.

Buyanga dismissed claims that he was once placed on Interpol’s most wanted list for allegedly defrauding people in Zimbabwe. He said that all that was a misunderstanding, people who were mischievous brought that up.

Buyanga said he maintains a clean business and delivers what he has to deliver.

He encouraged young entrepreneurs to self discover themselves, for them to have successful businesses.

Buyanga said he wrote letters to Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe on how to deal with the economy crisis and mentioned a gift he had given Bona Mugabe, a fact that misinterpreted by the media.

Buyanga said he is a preacher and he respects the President of his country, Zimbabwe.

Buyanga said he has partnered the South African Defence Forces and the South African Police Service on certain projects which will bear fruit soon.