Prophet Makandiwa has warned those who doubt his prophetic annointing while commenting on a recent incident that involved Zimbabwe Government representatives.

Makandiwa said the Media did not make him, so it can never destroy him. Makandiwa said the media used to fight him on Zimbabwe, publishing false accusations every Sunday, but that did not change anything.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is the leader of the United Families International Church (UFIC), the biggest prophetic church in Zimbabwe.

Makandiwa said he never asks members of his church to defend him, as he needs no defending.

Speaking on Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa,MMakandiwa said he was the only prophet in Zimbabwe to pray for him when he was poisoned with ice cream.

Conducting his online International sermon on Facebook, Makandiwa said he is the one and only prophet who asked for prayers to be offered on behalf of Mnangagwa resulting in him being saved.

“You should be grateful that there is a prophet who saved a man who is now serving you, your families and your pockets”

In 2017 Makandiwa accurately predicted that Mnangagwa would be poisoned and “only our prayers saved him.”

Makandiwa who has been accused by many for being a false prophet said: “When a false prophet has given a prophecy that is true people will rage against that prophecy”.

He added that he can stand by  every word that he has uttered just like Prophet Jeremiah did.