MOVEMENT for Democratic Change Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti says the party will hold its next congress in May 2024 as its not affected by the supreme court ruling.

In an interview with 263chat, Biti said political issues cannot be determined in courts of law.

“MDC A is not affected by the judgement because it was neither the appellant, applicant not despondent”, adding that: “the judgement cannot conflate MDC T with MDC A because the two a totally different”.

He said the judgement should not ignore that MDC A held its congress in 2018 same as MDC T which saw Thokozani khupe being president.

Biti said the fact remains unchanged, people of Zimbabwe are in solidarity with the people’s president Nelson Chamisa.

Furthermore, He said the struggle for liberating people is not a commodity therefore if MDC T wants money they can have it all but MDC A remains with the people.