Chantelle Muteswa ex girlfriend to Frank Buyanga has demanded that Buyanga  brings back the child he abducted to the care of his mother

Addressing the media on Saturday, Muteswa said She reported the abduction of her son to the police and responsible authorities however, he has not been found and brought back.

The kidnapping comes a few days after Muteswa made an unprecedented decision to explain to the public what was happening between herself and Buyanga, however she was fully aware of the dangers she was getting herself into.

Muteswa said she had noticed that she was being followed by Buyanga’s thugs.

Frustrated by his inability to capture and abuse public offices under the management and administration, Buyanga assultated his ex girlfriend, her mother and abducted his own son.

Buyanga later wrote a message saying he has found his son.

Muteswa who reported the abduction to the Waterfalls police station said she has never even once denied Buyanga access to his son.

“I believe it is in his ( Buyanga’s son) best interest to maintain a good relationship with his father”, said Muteswa

She added that she has never claimed maintenance from Buyanga, his financial obligations are restricted to the minor child’s fees, medical aid, food and clothes.

Muteswa dismissed claims by Buyanga that she is involved with the first family.

“I have never met the first lady despite my efforts. I’m not romantically involved with the either son of Mnanggwagwa”.

This comes after Mnangagwa’s family was dragged into the matter between Buyanga and his former girlfriend, Buyanga accused Collins Mnangagwa who he claims is now dating Muteswa for  facilitating the disappearance of the minor child.

Muteswa has reported the matter to the police, ZACC and all responsible authorities however, Buyanga claims he pays most of the police officers and Judges while some owe him therefore no one will rule against him.

“While I am suffering from the horror of seeing my son being abducted, Buyanga is enjoying protection of corrupt officials”.