Here is our Coronavirus update for 30 March 2020, the first day of the Zimbabwe Lockdown.

Highlights for 30 March

1. Germany

The German Finance Minister Thomas Schafer killed himself due to the pressure of having to deal with the financial crisis caused by Coronavirus. His body was found at near a railway crossing.

2. USA

Infections in the USA now the highest worldwide at 124 000
Death Toll In the US now at Over 2400
African Americans and First Respondents most Affected
Hospitals now putting bodies in mobile trailers

3. Italy
Infections have passed 100 000
Health Workers Continue to be the most affected

4. Nigeria
The Girlfriend of Popular Musician Davido tested positive for Coronavirus. She returned from the UK and was tested with 31 other people who had been in contact with her. Fortunately, she is the only one who tested positive.

5. Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe began a 21 lockdown. Most major cities were deserted as most people retreated to their ancestral homes in the rural areas. Shops were closed in Harare although there were reports that several units of South African mines opened as usual.

US President Donald Trump estimates that the deaths from Coronavirus will hit 100 000

Statistics of infections and deaths

United States 148,089 Infections 2,599 Death
Italy 101,739 Infections 11,591 Deaths
Spain 85,195 Infections 7,340 Deaths
Mainland China 81,478 Infections 3,304 Deaths
Germany 63,929 Infections 560 Deaths


Coronavirus is hittting America hard, the new epicenter. However, the USA has still not ordered a full lockdown. New York and Carlifonia are the most affected states.

Spain in the spotlight.