Chamisa Won’t sue Phugeni Over Tagwirei Landcruiser Claim

This weekend, while speaking in an interview on Gambakwe Media, Khaliphani Phugeni said Nelson Chamisa received a Landcruiser from Kuda Tagwirei.

Kuda Tagwirei was named last week in a list of most cporrupt people in Zimbabwe.

While Khaliphani Phugeni insists that he has evidence that Chamisa received the Landcruiser, leaders around Chamisa are reluctant to sue Khaliphani Phugeni saying it will be a waste of time.

However, in my opinion, failure to sue Phugeni over such an important issue will mean that there could some truth in the allegations.

When contacted yesterday, Phugeni advsied Chamisa to apologise and give back the Landcruiser because in future Tagwirei will come out and confirm this gift, causing him embarrassment when the impact will be higher.

Gambakwe media had briefly taken down the video but will be putting it back as the person who originated the story is insisting on its accuracy.