Misred ( Samantha Musa), has slammed Zimbabwean leaders for dividing people and not putting people first.

Misred, a popular influencer, radio personality and brand ambassador, said politicis in Zimbabwe is toxic and its one can never be seen to take their own position without being criticized for either being with ZANU-PF or with MDC.

Brief Biography

Name – Samantha Musa
Born – Harare/Tafara
Schools – Halingbury, Bindura, Heritage, Maputo International, Specis
Children – 2 Girls

On Being A Public Figure

MisRed says being in the public eye comes with a lot of stress. She feels People dont see her as a human anymore.


Misred was named one of the 100 most influential young Zimbabweans and she feels that this award speaks to the work that she has done.


Misred is passionate about music but sees herself as a connector or people.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Zimbabwe is difficult. Its not easy to get money from them. Currently she is working with Old Mutual ( AMazing Faces), Coca Cola and Net One, ZIMOCO

When you are seen working with certain brands, it opens other brands.

Red Market Sunday

Is an online tool where a business tweets about their product and MisRed (who has over 100 000 followers) will retweet.

On Politics

Zimbabweans dont understand that you can just have a Zimbabwean Agenda: If you speak up its either you are sent by ZANU PF or by MDC.

The leaders are not trying to unite people. No one is putting the people first.