SHOCKING : Coronavirus Can Infect Beyond 14 Days?

Many questions have arisen after 14 Americans tested positive for Coronavirus yesterday after spending 14 days separated from any infected people.

The 14 Americans who were being evacuated from the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship in Japan and were considered to be uninfected have now tested positive (as infected people had already been identified and isolated on the Cruise Ship). Results of tests from the previous three days then showed that the 14 were positive for Coronavirus.

The 14 newly identified infected Americans are not part of the 46 Americans who were already confirmed infected on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, who remained in Japanese Hospitals.

The newly identified 14 Infected Americans were already on an evacuation plane, which transported Americans from Japan on the 16th of February.

These new infections show that there is little understanding of the period within which someone can still be infected after being exposed to the virus.

There is also a big danger that the 14 infected Americans further infected other people on the evacuation plane and on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship as they were freely mingling with uninfected passengers.

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