Marry Chiwenga is allegedly threatening Chiwenga, promising to expose all his dirty secrets which include deals with China detrimental to Zimbabwe, small houses and love children if the divorce battle and murder charge goes to trial.

According to the Zimbo Queen Media, Marry told Chiwenga that she wont hesitate to exspose the General, ED Mnangwagwa and Zanupf as a whole if something ever happens to her as she cannot go down alone but will unleash every secret that will destroy the government.

This development has left both Chiwenga and Mnangagwa terrified with what Marry knows and hold against them as she was once witness of all the dirty and might have been involved in some of the dirty as the wife of the General.

Marry is reported to have hinted that she knew every secret about the ruling government and where all bodies of the people murdered by ZANU are buried.

The divorce battle has taken a new turn with Marry promising Chiwenga that if ever she vanishes like how he and Mnangagwa made Itai Dzamara vanish, it will be a dead end for Chiwenga as all secrets will be unvailed to the world.

Marry is said to have planted evidence in different people in different countries as her escape plan from the General’s intentions to humiliate her and destroy her totally.

Chiwenga by adding a murder charge on top of the divorce was one of his exclusive plans to humiliate and eliminate Marry from his life as she would soon be sentenced to life imprisonment however odds are not in his favor.

The general is currently seeking an out of court settlement with his enstranged wife, however the he has tried to keep the reasons for the change of heart to himself, Zimbo Queen Media reports.

Chiwenga will offer Marry a financial settlement which will see her vacate Zimbabwe with her children for her own safety.