How Mugabe Paid Jonathan Moyo $USD20 Million In a Secret Project to form the MDC

Interviewer – Pardon Gambakwe ( Gambakwe Media)
Date – 4 August 2019
Location – South Africa

In this Interview , Tinashe Jonas explains that Prof Jonathan Moyo was instrumental in the a secret project by Zimbabwe Military intelligence to form a strong opposition party that would be controlled by ZANU-PF.

According to Tinashe Jonas, the details of this plan are set out in a document called the Yellow paper. Tinashe Jonas stumbled upon this document during the time when he worked in Theresa Makone and Ian Makone ‘s Office.

Tinashe explains that Jonathan Moyo was paid $20 Million for his part as a key strategist in this secret plot.


According to Tinashe, Ian Makone was tasked with opening a bank account in the United Kingdom in which funds were deposited by ZANU-PF. Morgan Tsvangirai, who was not aware of the plot, would be told that the funds being donated to this account were coming from donors, when in actual fact, these amounts were being deposited by ZANU-PF from its secret mining operations in Chiadzwa in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Manicaland Province.


According to Tinashe, the simple concept behind the plot was “Heaven and Earth”. ZANU-PF Would exist on Earth, in Zimbabwe and rule forever , while MDC will exist in Heaven, where they will deal with superficial issues such as reforms and rigging. ZANU-PF through the military generals, would collect election data and then release falsified figures to the public – Or in short, fail to hand over power.