Chiwenga has openly attacked Loveless Manhangi of the Bethesda Apostolic church who challenged him through his sermon saying he was going to hire police for Chiwenga for discrediting police officers, CIOs and other respected people in the government.

Chiwenga has said this Bethesda leader has no word of God that is why he is challenging him with police and not the word of God or relevant scriptures.

If Loveless Manhango was a true man of god then he would have told all the politicians that come to her for prayers that it is wrong in the eyes of God to spill blood of innocent citizens.

A true man of God will rise up and tell her the real issues that have angered God. Her real problem is that she does not have the word of God but is part of the sorcerers and witch doctors.

Chiweng has labelld Manhango as a fugitive similar to Chidhumo and claims that God love him so much. Chiwenga has ordered manhango to close his church and come to join him for the truth and to teach him the real word and the truth of Jesus Christ