ED Mnangagwa evicts white farmers in Chinhoyi

The Emmerson Mnangagwa led government has forcibly evicted white settler farmers on their Chinhoyi farm after they lost a battle to keep their property against a local man who claims to have received an offer letter from the government.

The letter was signed by the former Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Dr Douglas Mombeshora to Moses Mpofu.

Close source has revealed that the evicted white settler claims the land lawfully belongs to him.

“Today farmers Gary and Jo Hensman of Gypslander Farm in Chinhoyi were forcibly kicked out of their farm after losing a battle to keep the property.

Hensman argues its his land,” revealed the source.

The source said “The man at the center of the eviction, Moses Mpofu has an offer letter issued in October 2017 by the government of Zimbabwe.

He said he is one of the many who have been waiting for land to farm and argues that he got the land within the prescriptions of the Land Reform Law” said the source.

In another incident, the Ministry and a government official Dorothy Mashonganyika allegedly terrorized a white settler in Marondera demanding they vacate the premises as Mashonganyika was to take immediate occupation under the land reform program.