A video circulating on social media has disclosed revelations that ED Mnangagwa is not a war veteran since he didn’t go to war.

An unnamed female war veteran is seen giving an account of how sellouts and mischievous war veterans where treated during war.

Upon giving the account, the woman says that even ED Mnangagwa didn’t go to war but was in law school during the climax of the liberation struggle.

The woman is then corrected and she says that she doesn’t mean that ED is not a comrade but that she wants to put the facts to the public.

The lady also bemoans the fact that war veterans who actually participated in the Chimurenga where not rewarded accordingly.

This is not the first person to discredit ED Mnangagwa war credentials. Joyce Mujuru at one time said that ED Mnangagwa does not match her when it comes to liberation struggle credentials.