Gambakwe Media sources have revealed a complicated web of military actions and counter actions within the divided leadership of ED Mnangagwa’s government.

General Chiwenga Warned

Sources reveal that General Chiwenga is suspected to be now fully fit and planning a coup against ED Mnangagwa from China.

Other Key figures suspected in the plot are Saviour Kasukuwere, Kuda Tagwirei, Grace Mugabe and Nelson Chamisa.

This has resulted in Southern African Leaders, especially Tanzania, warning Zimbabwe generals and General Chiwenga, that if they stage a Coup, they will all be taken out for good.


General Chiwenga is reportedly working with Savior Kasukuwere and are holding regular meetrings with Nelson Chamisa who is flown into South Africa in a private jet reportedly owned by Billionaire businessmen. Tagwirei and Grace Mugabe are reportedly involved in funding Chamisa and NPF.

ED Mnangagwa reaction

ED Mnangagwa is so concerned that, according to our sources, he has taken the following steps:

–  He has removed all suspected General Chiwenga loyalists from the amouries and replaced them with his own people. This has left General Chiwenga without a military option.

– He is expected to reshuffle his cabinet anytime now and remove G40 loyalists, including General Chiwenga.

– Saviour Kasukuwere is under 24 hour surveillance In South Africa.

– ED Mnangagwa has increased his closed protection security and bought new weapons for when he is going around Zimbabwe.

The Plot

– The plot by General Chiwenga will involve a two legged approach. On one leg, there will be a military option, which ED Mnangagwa has now neutralized.

– The remaining option will involve mass action led by Nelson Chamisa.

It is this option that is being discussed by Chamisa and G40 team in South Africa.

After the Coup

When ED Mnangagwa is removed, General Chiwenga will push for a GNU.

Under this arrangement, Nelson Chamisa and Valerio Sibanda will be given VP positions while General Chiwenga automatically takes over as President.

Savior Kasukuwere will be the ZANU PF presidential candidate for 2023.