Genesis 3 vs 18

There are thorns and thistles on the ground. When people sing that they can not be habitats on the earth because of thorns, the thorns they are referring to are the bond notes.

These things they don’t buy, Zimbabweans have been pierced. The tjorns ate the hardships we fave in life,the challenges that we have in this country. When we dont have food on our tables and diseases are everywhere,social problems and economic problems ,to Zimbabweans those are the thistles.

The titles of this our nation has been combined with swear, you have to work harder In order for you to enjoy life, to buy bread and a bottle of juice.
The only way out is prayer.

Zimbabwe has become serious.
Once the thorns and bras are removed we will never eat in sorry We will never sweat for us to eat, Jesus sweated for us