Watch : Acie Lumumba Speaks On The New Currency Introduction on SABC News

In this interview, Acie Lumumba speaks on the announcement by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe about introducing new notes and coins into the economy.

Acie Lumumba highlights that the proposal only addresses symptoms of the Zimbabwean economic problems but does not address the root problems.

The outspoken political commentator also castigated Mnangagwa for failing to walk the talk when it comes to luring investors and proposed policy amendments that will support the Zimbabwe is Open for Business mantra.

Acie Lumumba recounts how the Zimbabwean government harasses local investors pointing out the likes of James Makamba, Strive Masiiwa and Kuda Tagwireyi among others who have had their businesses suffocated on various stages.

Acie Lumumba also revealed  that Mr Biti actually signed the Command Agriculture into effect which has now turned into a catalyst for nepotism and corruption in the government.

Concluding the show, Acie challenged Zimbabweans to take their stand in building the economy and take a shift from partisan politics which destroy development