New Video Release : Tamy Moyo – Zviroto

Tamy Moyo’s much anticipated music video for her song Zviroto is finally out.The visuals and sound is exactly what the fans were expecting.

The video Zviroto chronicles dreams of a young woman who is watching her life as a movie.She is determined and knows exactly her worth.

She has high hopes of a great future ahead of her and lets everyone who does not support her now not try and come when she makes it in life.

The song also channels Tamy Moyo’s other talent which we can safely say we finally have the Queen Of Rap in Zimbabwe.

The style of fashion she presented in the video shows Tamy is not here to play.She rocked a 30inches blonde wig with a fringe and an artistic costume and bomb makeup.

Since her Ndibereke days , Tamy has shown us her love for cheographic dance moves and in this music video the moves were on another level.