Jackie Ngarande Gives Lorraine Guyo A Warning?

Beautiful with brains Jackie Ngarande has left social media users confused yet again with an unclear controversial post.

Jakwe as she is called by her fans , had to keep herself relevant yet again by accusing a Zimbabwean celebrity for using a younger woman to climb her way up by having sexual relations.

The 29 year old ex model played the saviour and activist card , asking why people around the person in question could not rescue her from sexual predators.

Some social media users claimed she meant people’s darling comedian , Lorraine Guyo and Madam Boss.Some say she is jealous of her stardom as she is taking all the shine.

Others claim that Jackie did not take it well when Lorraine started doing her business , entrepreneur connect and networking posts like she does on her page.

The confusion even had some claim she meant Zuva who have been making money moves and signing deals in Dubai with Edith Chibhamu.

Some facebook users brought back her leaked messages when she asked to be linked to a married man for money during her rise to fame.

Although we still dont know who she meant in the post , what Jackie is saying happens all the time in the entertaimnent industry.She is advocating for a good cause.