Meet Zimbabwe strongest Woman – Regina Jonga

Regina Jonga is an award winning Zimbabwe body builder. She is currently preparing to travel to Mexico to represent Zimbabwe.

She started body building in 2012 and competing in 2013 .She competed many shows which include Miss Zimbabwe , Arnold classic 2016 and 2017 , LFBBS South African championship , S.A Gentle Giant , WFF S.A championship , Pretoria classic and many more.

She won all those shows.In March 2019, she competed in her first international show in China and won , she was awarded a pro card that means she is now a professional athlete , hence only competing in international shows.

She is preparing for her next competition in Mexico to be held on 9 and 10 November but is still looking for funds for her flights and other expenses.

Whats Your Advice to Women?

I want to tell woman out there abt doing to be confident , and to continue to take good care of theirselves.Exercising is good for our health.

Physical fitness is good as we stay fit and be healthy.
Im here to inspire all woman out there because most of the people think that body building is for man but its also for women .

You can take it as a career.Ladies continue to participate in different activities to represent our country in different types of sports and raise our flag high.