Sanctions reduce the offering we receive- Pastor

The video starts with a ‘Pastor’ praying against sanctions that have reduced the quality of tithes. Comrades Fatso takes it further by highlighting the main issues that took place this past week.

The pastor leading his congregants in prayer urges them to pray against sanctions which have decreased the quality of their offerings.

He encourages his followers to reject and step on sanctions in prayer which have crippled people’s pockets.

Comrade Fatso takes it further starting with Prophet Passion’s lost US$20 000 lost Rolex and the threat of drought against the entire country.

Adding on, he says “Zanu PF is guaranteed that another holiday will be a massive success against the unemployment rates.

Instead of improving workers salaries or getting the country producing again, Zanu Pf is going to fix the economy with an Anti-sanctions march,” he said.

They will sent out youths into the boiling sun for a march that is costing $4 million.

He says “We can blame the west for a number of things but right now our biggest problems are home based”.

On another note, the release of Excelgate has been applauded for its revelation on the rigging of elections however, it might be a desperate move by Prof Jonathan Moyo to sell his book in order to pay his landlord in Namibia.