Obert Gutu’s early tweet message shows that he knows what would be the outcome of the court judgement between his boss Thokozani Khuphe and Nelson Chamisa.

Gutu reflects great impression by the judges who kept giving him certain signals that her boss is winning the case against Nelson Chamisa.

Gutu tweeted ” From the bench’s body language, you could easily tell they were thoroughly impressed by the lucidity & logic of Madhuku’s submissions on both the law and the facts. Awesome!

He praised professor Lovemore Madhuku for what he called ” Brilliant & cutting edge presentation” His actions shows he already has an idea about the outcome of the reserved judgement.

Nelson Chamisa appealed to the supreme court a court judgement that said Khuphe was the acting president of the MDC . The judgement said that Chamisa was unlawfully appointed. There has been a problem with the judiciary in Zimbabwe . Critics believe the judiciary is only there to serve the interests of ZANU PF.