Nelson Chamisa warned to be careful of Thabani Mpofu because he might be a spy

Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya, a renowned human rights activist has warned Nelson Chamisa to be careful of the people they employ into their secretariat.

He has cautioned the MDC to do a thorough vetting of the selected candidates. This comes after Thabani Mpofu (not advocate) had been employed effectively into the MDC.

Dr Pedzisai believes that Thabani Mpofu is a secret Zanu Pf agent. He cites that once during the era of Mugabe and Tsvangirai government of national unity, James Maridadi worked with Morgan Tsvangirai as he was prime minister. Later, Maridadi has been promoted to the role of ambassador by ED Mnangagwa. Dr Ruhanya believes that Maridadi was a secret agent all along.

Zanu Pf has a long history of planting its intelligence in opposition institutions and any significant institution so as to source information and retain control.

Below is the official statement posted by Dr Ruhanya on his twitter site.
Dear MDC leadership @nelsonchamisa, please vigorously vet the people you employ in your secretariat to avoid what we are witnessing. Some of the people who worked in the Prime Minister Office who is now in ED gov especially one Thabani Mpofu (not the advocate) shocks me