Woman Crush Wednesday : Luminitsa Jemwa

Zimbabwe is known for producing beautiful women with different talents , but this one right here is also the defination of beauty and brain.

31 year old Lumi is Nyasha Mshekwi’s ex wife and they have one child together.

She works for Confederations African Football (CAF).She has worked for Z.I.F.A and is a football talent manager.

She is also known as a philothropist.Lumi founded Luminista’s Dream foundation in 2017.She pays fees for thousands of kids and gives them clothes and food

The Kwekwe born beauty has a degree in Sport Marketing.She has also worked for Clubs in Europe

Her personality and lifestyle has made her get all the V.I.P invites in Africa and around the world.

She is a classy lady and has an expensive taste as shown by her clothes and types of cars she posts online.

Ms Jemwa calls herself Global Citizen because she is always in a plane heading to different destinations around the world.

The BLACQ DIAMOND uses a the hashtag #premiumstonyeni and we are still to find out what it means exactly