Police officers have complained in Cape Town and Johannesburg that their lives are in danger due to the shortage of bullets. They claim that they are forced to attend serious crime scenes without guns because of the shortage of bullets.

The national spokesperson Renate Barnard has received numerous complaints from police officers in the Western and Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

Many police officers have not managed to take their annual test. In South Africa police officers go for tests yearly. In terms of legislation, police officers who don’t undergo the annual proficiency test will not be issued permits to use their service firearms.

It is the duty of the national government of South Africa to purchase fire arms for their provincial governments.

South Africa is one of the countries with a high rate of crime in the world. Recently police officers failed to curb xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals whose businesses were burn down. The shortage of bullets is likely to increase crime in the country.

Recently the national government approved the deployment of the army in the streets of Cape Town due to gang violence and murder.