Foreigners in Johannesburg in danger as Mayor Herman Mashaba resigns

The resignation of mayor Herman Mashaba today might spark fresh x3nophobic attacks against foreigners in Johannesburg. Mashaba is a man of his word. He threatened that if Helen Zille won as a chairperson in the Democratic Alliance, he would resign.

Herman Mashaba has been accused for uttering statements that led to x3nophobic attacks in the past. He is known for his stance against foreigners living in Johannesburg. He has accused them of all sorts of things including taking over buildings ,crime and putting pressure on the delivery system.

Mashaba was the first mayor in Johannesburg to get support even from vibrant controversial parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters. He served at their blessings. The ANC too did not fight him.

He was a reflection of what South Africa is today. His backers might feel they are loosing their fight against foreign nationals whom they want to clear from the city of Johannesburg. They might take to the streets in few days to reaffirm what they believe Mashaba stood for. They may not specifically say its a demonstration to Mashaba back but it might come in a form of looting at we experienced in the past.

The sombre atmosphere in Johannesburg today tells a lot about effects that Mashaba’ s resignation may bring about . Foreigners are forced to contemplate their future an its not clear who will take up his position.

Foreigners have been in the receiving end whenever locals take to the streets for service delivery . The resignation of Herman might spark fresh challenges against foreigners.